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A smile that's strong, functional and comfortable can make life better on every level. Dr. Park can help you get there, with his expertise in implant dentistry and other advanced restorative solutions.

Bonding/White Filling

Removal of amalgam/silver fillings and replacement with natural tooth colored fillings.

Teeth Whitening

Patient had moderate staining on upper and lower teeth. Patient had one hour in-office Zoom whitening.


Patient had a chipped front tooth with a gap. She received four porcelain veneers and in-office bleaching, to complete this beautiful new smile.

Chairside 1 hour Veneers

14 year old, female from South America visited Seattle for a vacation. Smile makeover done in 1hour chairside. Conservative White filling layer added.

Worn-out Teeth Remodeling

This 56 years old male patient was concerned about the amount of wear on his front teeth.

Worn-out Teeth Remodeling 2

This 60 year old female patient had lemons in her diet daily for two years, resulting in the erosion of her teeth. She also wanted to straighten and whiten her teeth.

Dental Implants

Patient lost all of her upper teeth and replaced with implants.


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